Over the years I have worked with a large variety of companies in banking, pharmaceutical, information technology, telecommunications industries as well as government sector both in Latvia and internationally. Below are some of the references of the participants who have taken part in the personal and leadership development programs I have been running in personal, management, communication and leadership development programs.  

Brilliant, exciting personality. Wise. Loads of real life examples. The most engaging learning program in my life.

It was the best learning experience in my life.

Very competent in her field. I could feel she just loves what she does and that is so engaging.

Great story telling talent. It was never boring.

If I had teachers like her earlier in my life, I would have learned and developed my thinking completely differently.

I was amazed by the way she found ways to engage with each of us. I was 100% in the learning process.

Highly professional, intelligent approach. Charismatic personality and source of wisdom and experience.

Amazingly individual approach to each participant of the program.

The fire in her eyes ignited my own inner transformation.

It was a rare opportunity to define who do I want to be and what do I want to change in my life.

At times pushing so hard, but for a good reason. Her programs are not a day in the playground but totally rewarding in the end.
Virtuoso in her field. Highly engaging.

Charisma, wisdom, humor. She is amazing!

Talented and experienced, it was my privilege to work with her. She gave me the true sense of commitment to my learning process and success.