The coaching topic: To be more able to trust my team and change my focus from routine to strategy to be a top manager de facto and regain my work-life balance.

It was important for N. because even though she was appointed as a high rank manager in an international corporation, she felt she was drowning in e-mails and operational matters, and she didn't trust her team was capable of sharing her load. Stepping out of the expert role, new way of relating to her job was a huge personal challenge. She had a feeling of being on a brink of burnout. Every day was like an avalanche tumbling down from the top of the mountain. There was no enjoyment from her work and it started to affect her relationship at home. 

After the program:

I learned to delegte tasks, trust my team more and avoid micromanagement. I have grown into accepting that there are many ways of doing the same things, even if they are different from my way. I created an efficient system to be informed about tactical matters and it freed my hands for strategic things like meeting my colleagues, exploring the trends in industry and knowing what’s happening in the company and market at large, as well as to build relationships with the top management. I realize I have a powerful team that I have always dreamt of. Now there is encouragement and gratitude instead of control and reporting. My team has given me positive feedback on my changes. I am now ready to accept even a higher management position.


The coaching topic: Be more able to get in touch with and trust my inner voice in setting my business goals.


This topic was important for J., because he has realised that his goals are set by others. He was driven by the goals set by his competitors. He could not find a peace of mind if someone else had achieved more. On the one hand it was driving him and allowed to achieve quite some peaks. On the other hand it was a source of immense pressure and stress. He felt the goals are actually unattainable because they constantly move depending on what others are achieving. Chasing the moving targets has turned his life in to work, work, work. By trying to control everything he has achieved quite the opposite - it felt the work is controlling him. Wanting to be a role model for his employees, J. has became a hostage of his own business. He believed he always had to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. He also was attached to the belief that it is only him who could do the work best. He couldn’t trust his team and was constantly doubting his own decisions.

After the program:

I have changed a lot. I have developed a completely different way of thinking about my work and my goals. I have managed to break out of the trap of routine tasks and am swimming the strategic waters. I trust my people now. Maybe too much. I am still doubting my decisions but I am also able to assess wether the doubts are reasonable or just my imagination.

The biggest gain from he program is my ability to be open with others about what I think. Maybe I am doing it quite bluntly as it is a new capability I am developing but still - I can do it! Everything that Zanete offered my to try really worked. It is no longer important for me to look at what others are doing. I am more able to live my own life and set my own targets. I have started to experience a discomfort if I have not made my own plans for my day. None of it comes easy and natural for me at the moment, but the awareness of what I do and why I am doing it makes mee happy and brings result.


The coaching topic: To me more able to accept the life events as they are and respond to them with greater ease, love and compassion towards herself and others.

It was important for K. because she was constantly beating herself up internally. Her self-worth was dependent of how she thought others were evaluating her. Guided by this imaginary pressure from others she has been striving to create an ideal self and her shortcoming were driving her crazy. When, because of a tough punch in her personal life, she was forced to quit a successful career abroad and return back to Latvia, she felt she was drowning in the swamp and that she lacked any intellectual challenge and intensity. Not being able to control the life events and confrontation with a painful reality created enormous inner pressure. K. was work out and tired from that kind of life.

After the program:

A coaching program lead by Zanete has been one of the most breath taking journeys of my life. The way she got to know my situation, the way she asked her questions, the way I was looking for answers to these questions, and the way we communicated was extremely meaningful. I especially appreciate her individual approach and her tailored offer. She never pushed her agenda or opinion, and at the same time was motivating and supportive.

Thanks to our journey together, I have become more able to make tough decisions, shift my attitude and see possibilities where I saw dead-end before.
The integral coaching program has helped me to see myself in many different dimensions and become more open to communication with others, enjoy life and not suffer from it, snd fulfil my dreams. I cannot recommend Zanete enough as one of the most talented companions on personal development journey.


The coaching topic: To be more able to become aware of and respect my own needs so that my life becomes more juicy, vital, important, authentic and meaningful and I become interesting to myself and others.

It was important for S. because she experienced her life as gray and boring, without any source of joy. She felt her inner prison and allowed her parents, teachers, partner and others to make decisions for her. She could not get in touch with what she wants herself and could not ask others to respect her own decisions. She felt not understood and had no energy to live her own life.

After the program:

After the coaching program I have a more optimistic outlook on my own life. I feel more freed up in my own skin. I have realised my life has value, and since it is my life, it is only me who is responsible for it. I have realised it is ok to have my very own wishes. Even if they differ from what others want, I know now how important it is to realise them if I want to live a happy life. I am more able to draw my boundaries and ask others to respect them. The more I appreciate myself, the more it feels I am valuable in the eyes of the others. My self esteem has grown. If I say something that others don’t quite like, I do not experience a sense of guilt as before. I respect my wishes without intruding on the freedom of others. I have learned to be more open and warm in my communication with others. I am not so afraid of the unknown and change as before. Ia am increasingly able to see myself from a distance. My inner changes inspired me to embark on external changes as well. Zanete created absolutely safe atmosphere that allowed me to open up. I never felt my topic was meaningless or silly.


The coaching topic: To be more able to make my next moves in career despite the risks and uncertainty that they could bring along.

It was important for J. because, although he has climbed quite high on the ladder in the organisation, he felt he was stuck and saw no future development in this position. He was struggling with his inner motivation since he had long achieved what was expected form him. He had turned a weak company into a flourishing enterprise. Now he could enjoy the fruit of his hard work but he was not quite up for it in his 38. He was good at taking risks in safe, predictable circumstances, but found it almost impossible to jump in the unknown.

After the program:

After the coaching program I feel as if I had turned back the time and once again become a man I used to be. Curious, courageous, fearless. Someone who is welcoming a challenge of unknown. Someone who sees endless possibilities and enjoys new experience. Someone who is not focusing only on the possible failures and risks. The program helped me to deal with the situations that caused me problems before. For example, having a difficult conversation at work, or maintaining a healthy work-home life balance. I believe I am more happy person now and I have clear priorities. My outlook to my future is very positive.


The coaching topic: To be more able to stop and take a pause before my next move in my career to align it with what I deeply long for in my heart.


 It was important for G. because he had always wanted to be “someone”, given the rough circumstances of his childhood. So far he had reached all the goals he had set for himself, however the fulfilment he was hoping for was not there. He had been offered yet another high step in his career but he wanted to make sure he was choosing the step and not vice versa. He was not sure if he really wanted this next step. Besides he was always beating himself up from inside thus engaging in endless war of perfectionism.


After the program:

My biggest surprise was to discover how easy it is to open up if you have the right kind of companion. I felt as if I was looking into the mirror - the experience I never ever had before. It helped me to see myself with my own eyes and not the judging eyes of the others. Weekly practices were always hitting the spot and allowed me to see my true self. Looking back to the moment when we started the program, I cannot believe how far have I wandered away from myself! I know now what my path is. The journey together with you Zanete was world class and would not think twice to go on a journey with you again.