To inspire, ignite, mobilize for change. 

Help overcome resistance to change. 

Bring more meaning and efficiency into the way people do their job. 

Help turn dreams into reality. 

Work on relationships, get the life balance back and live a fuller, more meaningful life.   

Be besides someone who strives to become a better version of herself and feels the call to find her unique gift.  

This is what I am passionate about.

what do i do

I am an integral master coach and can be by your side when: 

You don't feel the way you want to in your relationships or career. 

You feel stuck in your relationships, career or life in general. 

You struggle to find your calling and passion in life. 

You lack energy to live your life, have relationships or work.

You feel you more as a witness not an active participant of your life. 

You are facing changes in life. 

You feel exhausted, bored or are on the brink of burn-out. 

Your relationship does not provide satisfaction. 

 You lack courage to make the next move in your life.  

You feel you don't know yourself. 

You are in difficult relationship with your body. 

You want more balance in your life.  

You want to bring your authenticity to the world. 

You lack self confidence. 

You want to try new things.

You want to do things differently.


my passion is to contribute into the growth and maturity of adults. 

I have been on the same transformation journey as the one I want to support in the lives of others. 

I am the first integral master coach in Latvia. 

When we realize that it is not enough with our knowledge and things to have a harmonious and meaningful life, it is an invitation to set out on a different path of development. One of the biggest mysteries of Life is to find the answer to the question: what makes us really happy in life? I team those who believe it is discovering one’s unique gift and sharing it with the world. In other words to realize our individual, unique potential and through it experience the connection with the world. It always requires a journey inside oneself.  It is the main task of the second part of life.

“We do not want to embark on a further journey if it feels like going down, especially after we have put so much sound and fury into going up. This is surely the first and primary reason why so many people never get to the fullness of their own lives. The supposed achievements of the first half of life have to fall apart and show themselves to be wanting in some way, or we will not move further. Why would we?”
— Richard Rohr


When we are somewhere between 30 and 50 we usually start to hear an internal voice asking us the Big Questions of Life. Who am I? Why am I? What's the purpose of my life? What's next? Will it go forever like this? When will I start to live my life for real? If we follow these questions and embark on the journey inside of ourselves we might eventually and hopefully find our true self.  

This journey requires time, solitude and silence. It is also helpful to have a trustworthy map and a companion to help become aware of one's unconscious and limiting patterns guiding the interaction with the world, self and others  up to now and then become a better version of oneself, a better partner, parent, colleague, manager.   

For some of us bearing the heavy load of self inquiry alone might be impossible. We might need someone to throw a light in the dark to see the steps others have made on the same journey.
— C.G.Jung

being besides a human being who has set out on a development journey is my calling. It is my mission. 

I am a companion on a personal developmental journey for everyone who longs for true and lasting change in life, relationship, career. Isn’t it an amazing mystery that there are no identical fingerprints on the planet? Isn’t it a wonderful, encouraging message in itself? We are all unique. This gift of uniqueness, our calling resides in each of us. We can call it a dream but I like to call it the deep longing. The longing to discover one’s real self and living it in this world. Most of us we get in touch with this longing when we are in the nature, together with the loved one, in crisis or in the boredom of daily routine. However most often we put this longing to sleep by fulfilling other, superficial “longings”. We do this because the journey back to ourselves is a difficult one. It requires us to leave our beliefs behind, get to know our shadow side and let go of the safety pillows we are holding on to. There is no such one universal skill that we can develop to discover and realize our unique gift. It is so much more easier to fulfil the superficial dreams and goals. All one needs is ego, eagerness, willpower and planning. The journey inwards leads through spiritual and psychological practices, teachers, wisdom of the traditions known to humanity for thousands of years that still provide us with valuable maps to navigate this terrain.

my journey to integral coaching

Whilst designing and leading learning and development programs for groups of leaders, managers, employees of various organizations I grew more and more into self doubt. How come that despite excellent ratings and feedback that I received and inspiration that I radiated the effect of what I did on the actual changes in the lives, behaviors, relationships of people in most cases vanished away shortly after the development program? I followed my curiosity around the question about what it really takes for human beings to change their thinking, behavior, attitude, and life in general. An inspirational seminar, program, book or willpower can be a way in to a personal development journey, but not the road itself. 

Following my curiosity I stumbled upon Integral Coaching Canada and experienced an instant "home coming" feeling. My intuition said it would provide me with the answers I was looking for but what I didn't suspect that setting out on a journey to become an Integral Master Coach would turn out to be such a fundamental transformation of myself. I went for a method and came back with much wider, softer, compassionate, nuanced attitude towards what it takes to achieve the change a human being is longing for. I had to get rid of many truths and my urge to lead and manage the development of others. 

The challenges, difficulties, ups and downs of a personal development are very well known to myself. I have experienced the complexity of the inward journey I am inviting my clients to set out to. Holding a space and being besides someone who is growing and transforming is a blessing that I am extremely grateful for and that fills my heart every single day.  

what does integral coaching mean in practice


Integral coaching program is a unique, tailored, dynamically evolving development program strongly rooted in the method of Integral coaching®.


Intake session (1 - 1.5 h)

Deep conversation around what is it that's painful, difficult, inefficient in client's life now to pinpoint the coaching topic and explore why is it important at this point in life. 


Offer session (1 - 1.5 h)

Offering of the program to the client and  giving the first practices for the next couple of weeks - a self observation practice and a foundation practice. 


Cycle of development sessions ranging from one to ten (1 h each)

The number of sessions is determined by the scope of the topic and is always agreed upon with the client. It could be a program of five, six cycle of development sessions, and it could be eight or ten.


Sessions take place once every two weeks. In between the sessions the client undertakes the responsibility to engage in daily practices and written reflection at least 15 - 20 minutes a day. It is a mandatory requirement. 


Integral coaching more than one creates safe, non-judgmental container for couples, groups and teams to bring up and explore motives and patterns they usually are not aware of but that has significant impact on the way they are with each other and how or even whether they achieve their goals.

Integral Coaching method, which is not limited to any particular topic or field,  enables a couple, group or team, firstly, to become aware of their current approach to situations and relationships that limits their ability to achieve what they long for. Secondly, the method allows seeing new ways of approaching these situations and relationships. Lastly, it builds sustainable competencies to embody this new approach and reach outcomes that matter to people involved in coaching program. 

All these three pillars of the Integral Coaching method are carried out within a couple or group context in a certain process. It begins with exploration and intake session(s) which results in learning about the topic, the group and articulating why it’s important to them. The integral coach then retreats to perform the assessment and program design work and come up with an offer. Next is the offer conversation(s) that highlights path forward by articulating the couple’s or group’s current and new approach to the topic and what capabilities or muscles are required to get from one to another. The muscles are built throughout the cycles of development consisting of engagement in specific, regular practices, reflections and sessions to explore what has been learned and developed. The process ends with completion session to register overall progress, explore what’s beyond the program and complete with each other.

By allowing the human potential to flourish and enabling people to show up fully, Integral Coaching 2+ allows experiencing substantial individual development whilst also supporting others in their development.

Integral coaching® method


One is crystal clear - if we could and if it was simple, we would have made all the changes we long for in our lives ourselves. But we cannot. 

We, the integral coaches think, that human beings have all the motivation the need but they don't have the "muscles" or skills needed to attain the desired goals. We consider ourselves musclebuilders.  

The Integral Coaching® as a method aims at attaining sustainable change. The individual approach means that the focus is only on your muscles in your individual situation and topic.

The method of Integral Coaching® is based on Ken Wilber's integral theory or AQAL (All Quadrants, All Levels, All Lines, All Types, All States).

Just like any other Integral Master Coach® of Integral Coaching Canada®, in my work with clients I use five lenses that allow me to look at the world the way the client does. The five lenses are:

  1. Four orienting quadrants

  2. Levels of consciousness

  3. Development lines

  4. Enneagram type and gender

  5. States of consciousness

In addition to the lenses we:

1.      Use the metaphors to symbolically depict the current and new way of being of the client in the coaching topic. 

2.     In each of the coaching sessions we follow certain guidelines and evaluate our own work to make sure we are in the method of  Integral Coaching® and conform to the standards of Integral Coaching Canada® and International Coaching Federation. 

3.    In addition to the tools we use we engage our clients into powerful muscle building practices. The musclebuilding is our core competence.  

more about the method from the founders of the integral coaching canada®

This article provides an introduction to the Integral Coaching® method developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada, Inc. A brief introduction to the field of coaching is offered using the four quadrants to appreciate the underlying assumptions of how change occurs and how schools of coaching have approached the rapidly growing field of adult development. Further delineation of Integral Coaching Canada’s use of subject-object theory and a “transcend and include” developmental model is provided and resides at the root of this schools AQAL approach to change. Included are the necessary steps of working with a clients Current Way of Being (the strength of its identity, horizontal capacities, and inherent limits) as well as the clients emerging future, a New Way of Being that better supports a client’s desires, intentions, and response to the call that he or she uniquely hears.